PellPal D exhaust kit fan + controller

Exhaust kit for a wood-fired boiler, type PellPal D. It includes an exhaust fan and a controller that supports the pump of the wood gasification boiler and the heat buffer.

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Proper combustion process with appropriate parameters is possible with appropriate chimney draft. If the draft in the chimney is too low, combustion in boilers, including PellPal D boilers, may be ineffective.
To increase the chimney draft, an exhaust fan should be used mounted on the chimney (flue) of the boiler, whose operation is controlled by an appropriate regulator, in this case the PellPal D controller offered by us. For wood-fired PellPal D boilers where the combustion process takes place on a cast iron grate, you can use a specially prepared for them set.
The construction of PellPal D boilers has been designed in such a way that a place where an exhaust fan can be installed in the exhaust element of the chimney has been designed. The solution developed in this way means that there is no need to make modifications to the existing chimney in a given building.

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  Room panel for the PellPal controller - information The Termomiz thermostatic panel, i.e. the room remote control, is a standard room thermostat which, when connected to the PELLPAL PID PELLET regulator, additionally informs about the current temperature in the boiler and the boiler (DHW). An additional advantage is the ability to edit these temperatures without going to the boiler room.