About Company

Our company Konstal from Pleszew has been operating on the domestic market since 1996 and has been associated with the heating industry for 25 years. From the very beginning, we have been producing boilers, and the first product we introduced to the market was the SKAM type boiler. The experience gained over the years results in further devices that we have improved and tested in order to achieve perfection in their functioning. On the basis of our first device, SKAM-eko fine coal boilers and furnaces were created, which, thanks to their excellent efficiency and low emission of harmful substances, received an energy certificate and an ecological certificate. On the basis of this model, we have created a retort boiler equipped with an automatic fuel feeder. This is a modern solution for solid fuels, which in terms of operation is similar to oil and gas furnaces.

In 2004, the Konstal company created and presented to customers EKOD wood gasification boilers, in which the pyrolysis effect (dry distillation of wood) was used. The technology used in them enables more efficient and ecological burning of wood, because the fuel emits flammable gases under the influence of the supplied warm air. Currently, our company is a trustworthy manufacturer of fine coal boilers, coal stoves, eco-pea coal stoves and wood-fired boilers using modern technologies, constantly expanding its offer for demanding customers. We offer electronically controlled furnaces, in which special controllers are used to control and regulate the operation of the fan, which facilitates the supply of the right amount of oxygen needed for combustion. In order to provide users with more and more convenience, in recent years we have introduced retort furnaces to our offer, i.e. popular boilers with a feeder, which we recommend to lovers of the greatest comfort of using devices.

In addition to convenient service, we also focus on safety and functionality, thanks to which today Konstal is a company known not only on the local market, but also nationwide. We provide you with technical advice and professional service, and professional service will certainly satisfy every customer. We want to be associated with the highest quality of heating solutions, which at the same time will work in harmony with the natural environment. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of the offer and choose the best heating devices!