Deflectors are a key element of each boiler, affecting energy efficiency, emission of harmful substances and durability of the device. Our category focuses on providing customers with not only high-quality products, but also education on the benefits of their use.

Our online store proudly presents the category of boiler deflectors, dedicated to all those looking for solutions to improve the efficiency and thermal efficiency of their boilers. Deflectors are essential elements that significantly affect the combustion process and heat distribution in various types of boilers. Supporting ecology and an innovative approach to heating, we offer a wide selection of deflectors adapted to various types of boilers.

Boiler deflectors, also called exhaust deflectors, are elements used in heating and industrial boilers, aimed at optimizing the combustion process and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the boiler. Their main function is to direct the exhaust gas flow and improve the mixing of air and combustible gases inside the combustion chamber. Below is more information about boiler baffles:

1. Improving mixing: Boiler deflectors are designed so that the flue gases are properly dispersed in the combustion chamber. This enables a better mixing of flue gas with combustible air, which is crucial for an efficient combustion process and reduction of pollutant emissions.

2. Combustion optimization: By precisely directing the exhaust gas flow, the deflectors can create optimal combustion conditions, which in turn can increase process efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Improved combustion conditions can also contribute to reducing the amount of pollutants produced.

3. Reduction of emissions: Efficient combustion usually means lower emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. Thanks to better mixing of exhaust gases and an improved combustion process, boiler baffles can help reduce emissions of substances such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter.

4. Improved Efficiency: Correct flue gas routing can help increase heat transfer from the flue gas to the water or air, which in turn increases the overall efficiency of the boiler. Less heat is wasted and more can be used for heating or production purposes.

5. Swirl Reduction: In some cases, boiler baffles can also help to reduce swirl or turbulence in the combustion chamber, which can have a positive effect on the stability of the combustion process.

6. Reduce heat loss: Controlled flue gas routing can help reduce heat loss by increasing contact between the flue gas and the heat transfer surfaces inside the boiler.

Boiler deflectors are an important element in the design of heating boilers, both those used in households and in industry. Their use can contribute to improved efficiency, reduced emissions and overall better boiler performance. It is worth remembering, however, that the effectiveness of the deflectors may depend on many factors, such as the type of fuel, boiler design and operating conditions.

Deflector, bell, smasher for boiler with EKOENERGY feeder

Deflector, bell, smasher for boiler with EKOENERGY feeder

Deflector for a furnace with a screw feeder, otherwise known as a radiant heater or firebreaker. For feeders from 15 kW to 75 kW. It is made...
105.00 zł