Mixing valve MI 4x1 inch WITA Minimix four-way

MINIMIX 4-way mixing valve by HEL-WITA

A modern solution in the field of temperature control in heating systems. This compact 4-way valve not only allows precise control over the supply water temperature, but also effectively protects the heating boiler against corrosion. Thanks to flexible control options, robust construction and advanced sealing, the MINIMIX valve is an effective tool for optimizing heating processes in small and medium-sized central heating systems.

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  • Manufacturer: WITA Sp. z o.o.
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MINIMIX 4-way mixing valve by HEL-WITA.

The Minimix 4-way mixing valve is used to regulate the temperature of the supply water in the installation, and its additional advantage is to increase the temperature of the medium returning to the boiler, thanks to which the heating boiler is additionally protected against corrosion.

Minimix compact 4-way mixing valves are designed for small and medium-sized central heating systems. They can be operated manually using a handle or a three-position electric actuator WITA SM 4, creating a compact unit.


Basic technical data:

  • body, rotary plug, cover: brass MS 58,
  • plug sealing: double EPDM O-ring,
  • lid sealing: EPDM O-ring,
  • max. working pressure: 10 bar,
  • max, water temperature: 110ºC,,
  • plug rotation range: 90º,
  • factory setting: return from the left side,
  • handle with scale: plastic,
  • possibility of cooperation with the WITA SM4 actuator: