Mixing valve MI 3x1 inch WITA Minimix three-way

Minimix E 3-way mixing valve

A key component of central heating systems, enabling precise regulation of the supply water temperature. Thanks to the flexible rotating plug and the Easy-Clip function, installation and maintenance are extremely easy. Made of durable brass, it ensures reliability at a maximum pressure of 10 bar and a temperature of 110°C. This innovative valve provides performance and comfort in one.

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  • Code: Minimix_3x1_WITA
  • Manufacturer: WITA Sp. z o.o.
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Minimix E 3-way mixing valve The Minimix E 3-way mixing valve is used to control the temperature of the supply water in the central heating system. The required supply temperature is obtained by mixing the supply medium with the return medium. The optimal way to install the pump in the installation with a mixer is the side of the mixed medium (so that the pump does not work from the side of complete closure). The flexible rotary plug guarantees a low degree of leakage, compensates for unevenness in the mixer and prevents the plug from blocking to a large extent. The Easy-Clip function allows the installation of the SM44 actuator on the mixer without the use of special adapters and tools.

Technical data:

  • body, cover: brass Ms58
  • flexible rotary plug
  • plug seal: 2 x O-ring EPDM
  • max working pressure: 10 bar
  • max water temperature: 110°C
  • the rotation range of the seal: 90°\
  • factory setting: return from the left side
  • the possibility of cooperation with the WITA SM44 actuator using Easy-Clip without the use of tools