Mixing valve MI 3x1 inch WITA Minimix three-way + actuator W05 120s

Minimix E 3-way mixing valve + acuator

A key component of central heating systems, enabling precise regulation of the supply water temperature. Thanks to the flexible rotating plug and the Easy-Clip function, installation and maintenance are extremely easy. Made of durable brass, it ensures reliability at a maximum pressure of 10 bar and a temperature of 110°C. This innovative valve provides performance and comfort in one.

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  • Code: Minimix_3x1_WITA+W05
  • Manufacturer: WITA Sp. z o.o.
  • Manufacturer's code: 5902280063407
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set  Three-way valve 1 inch with W05 Click actuator (New in the manufacturer's offer)
Characteristics and technical data of the W05 actuator

  • Torque 5 Nm, 10 Nm or 15 Nm
  • Rotation angle 90°
  • Rotation speed 2 min / 90 <° (optional 15 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 4 min and 8 min / 90 <°)
  • Additional switch available as an option
  • 2-point, 3-point or proportional operating mode
  • Suitable for mounting to a rotary mixing valve
  • Indicator of the current valve position
  • Direction of rotation indication via LEDs
  • Blocking the valve does not damage the servo motor
  • Possibility of manual setting of the mixing valve in any position by means of a permanent clutch
  • Quiet and reliable operation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy and quick assembly

Description of the W05 actuator

WITA electric actuators are used to drive rotary mixing valves. Their modern design and excellent quality of the materials used ensure reliable and quiet operation. Assembly and disassembly to the valve is done without tools - just press a button. The manual override clutch is activated and deactivated by pressing the release button. The operation of the actuator is signaled by LEDs.

Characteristics of the Minimix 3x1 Valve (Three-Way)

The Minimix 3-way mixing valve is used to regulate the temperature of the feed water in the central heating system, an additional advantage is the increase in the temperature of the medium returning to the boiler.

Minimix 3-way compact mixers are suitable for small and medium-sized central water heating systems.

Mixer housing, cover, control shaft and valve are made of brass. Specially profiled outlet openings ensure linear temperature characteristics. The shaft is sealed with two sealing rings

o-rings made of EPDM.

  • Internal thread: 1"
  • External thread: 1 1/2"
  • Diameter: DN 25
  • Kvs: 10
  • max.working pressure: 10 bar
  • max. water temp.: 110ºC