WITA Delta TOP 40-25 energy-saving circulation pump

Energy-saving circulation pump from the well-known manufacturer WITA. The electronically controlled pump saves heat and electricity

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  • Code: WITA Delta TOP 40-25
  • Manufacturer: WITA Sp. z o.o.
  • Manufacturer's code: 5902280063223
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The product is shipped within 24 hours.

Maximum performance: 4,0 m
Maximum flow: 2.800 litr/h
Input power:: 3-23W
Regulation: 4 Stałe charakterystyki, 4 Charakterystyki proporcjonalne Minimalna funkcja operacyjna
Supply voltage: 1 x 230V, 50 Hz
Engine protection: nie jest wymagana zewnętrzna ochrona silnika
Protection method: IP 42
Ambient temperature: 0 °C do +40 °C
Medium temperature: +5 °C do +110 °C
Maximum system pressure: 10 barów
Connection size: 1 1/2"
Installation length: 180 mm
EEI: ≤ 0,20

All products in our circulation pump series have one thing in common:
they use high-quality technology, have excellent quality and provide many benefits.

WITA® products are made of cast fittings, cataphoresis-coated, and chromium-nickel steel. These proven materials guarantee high resistance and versatility of use. All circulation pumps are supplied with thermal insulation jacket, seals, plugs and permanently installed cables.

In an average household, 10 to 15% of electricity is consumed by standard pumps. Thanks to the use of efficient WITA® pumps, energy consumption compared to traditional circulation pumps can be reduced to approx. 80%. Their hydraulic power is comparable to standard pumps.

Nine different power curves can be selected with the One Touch function. In addition to the four curves that operate on the basis of the proportional pressure method, four more curves with constant velocity characteristics can be selected. The pump also has a minimum operating level.

Special features/product advantages

  • Highest efficiency thanks to EC permanent magnet motor technology
  • Min. input power from 3 W
  • Menu navigation with One Touch
  • Pre-selected control modes, constant speed/variable differential pressure
  • Anti-blocking function
  • Integrated motor protection
  • High start-up safety
  • Easy pipe assembly thanks to the practical key fastening

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