Thermostatic mixing valve type TSV3B 55℃, DN25 Regulus

TSV3 Thermostatic Valve: Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Risk

The TSV3 valve automatically controls the temperature of the water returning to the boiler, ensuring safety and saving fuel. Ideal for solid fuel boilers and stoves.

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  • Code: TSV3B_55℃_REGULUS
  • Manufacturer: REGULUS sp. s r.o.
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TSV3 Thermostatic Valve: Optimizing Your Boiler Performance and Safety

Key Features:

- Boiler protection: Avoids the risk of harmful "tar" formation by controlling the return water temperature.
- Automatic By-Pass Balancing: Eliminates the need for a manual valve, offering more precise control.
- High Quality Seals: Guarantees minimal heat loss and microcirculation for temperatures of 45°C, 55°C and 65°C.


Technical Specifications:

- Opening Temperature: 65°C
- Connection: 25mm (1") thread
- Kvs: 8.2 m³/h
- Maximum Pressure: 0.6 MPa (6 bar)
- Weight: 0.75 kg


Why It's Important?

Incorrect water return temperature to the boiler can lead to condensation of steam, which is not only harmful to the boiler, but also to the environment. This phenomenon can:

1. Shorten the life of the boiler by "pouring tar."
2. Increase the level of environmental pollution.

Benefits of Increasing the Return Temperature on the Boiler:

- Elimination of the risk of "tar pouring."
- Significant increase in boiler efficiency.
- Fuel savings of up to 30%.
- Significant extension of the service life of the steel boiler.


The TSV3 Thermostatic Valve not only optimizes the efficiency and safety of your heating system, but also provides an ecological and economical solution. Choose TSV3 and invest in long-term, reliable protection of your boiler.