FLAM BORD 360 Installation Controller

The Flam Bord 360 Regulator is an advanced solution for controlling and managing your home heating system. It allows for precise control of mixing valve pumps, temperature, and many other parameters. With it, you'll gain comfort and energy savings.

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We offer you unmatched convenience and control over your heating system with the Flam Bord 360 Regulator. This advanced regulator is the perfect solution for your heating system, allowing for precise management of the operation of mixing valve pumps and control over all key parameters of your installation.

Key Benefits of the Flam Bord 360 Regulator:

  1. Comprehensive Control: The regulator continuously monitors and adjusts the operation of all components of your heating system, ensuring optimal efficiency and comfort.

  2. Clear TFT Display: The large, clear TFT display enables intuitive use of the device, providing a transparent overview of all parameters.

  3. DHW Function: The regulator allows for the preparation of domestic hot water in summer and winter modes, with or without priority, adapting to your needs.

  4. Energy Measurement: Thanks to compatibility with a flow meter, you can accurately monitor energy consumption in your heating system.

  5. Room Temperature Control: The possibility to connect a room thermostat and an additional room panel, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your preferences.

  6. Buffer Control: The regulator allows for the accumulation of thermal energy in the buffer, resulting in efficient management of hot water.

  7. Two Operation Modes: Choose between automatic mode, which activates the regulator automatically when needed, and manual mode, which gives the user full control over the device.

  8. Internet Connectivity: There is an option to connect the regulator to the Internet using the Media Bord 200 module, providing remote access and control.

  9. Alarms: Receive notifications about failures or important events in your installation.

  10. Data Logging: Optionally, you can save data on an SD card, facilitating analysis and monitoring of system performance.

The Flam Bord 360 Regulator is an innovative solution that will help you save energy and money while ensuring maximum comfort in your home. Give yourself the opportunity for full control over your heating system and invest in the future - order the Flam Bord 360 Regulator today!