Feeder screw 830mm, SKAM-P boiler steel Pancerpol Konstal eco-pea coal

We offer a unique auger, ideal for 25 kW feeders. Made of steel alloys, it is extremely sturdy and durable. The length of the axle is 830 mm and the diameter of the axle is 25 mm. Secured with a cotter pin in the gear motor, it guarantees stable operation. Its characteristic element is the "tongue" at the end, which effectively guides the fuel to the upper furnace. This prevents breakdowns and ensures even combustion. It can be used in various types of feeders, and the technical parameters ensure optimal operation. It is a reliable solution for efficient burner supply.

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Our offer includes a unique auger, ideal for feeding 25 kW feeders. Its axle length is 830 mm and the axle diameter is 25 mm. This reliable element is used in most feeders with a power of 25 kW or similar. The unique protection of the worm in the geared motor is the innovative cotter pin. It is worth paying attention to the characteristic "tongue" at the end of the snail. It is a 40 mm long segment without an inner axis. Thanks to the precise design, the fuel is not pushed against the back wall of the feeder, but evenly propelled upwards towards the furnace.

The construction of this auger is based on high-quality steel alloys, which makes it extremely durable. The use of the highest quality materials ensures long-term, trouble-free operation and an aesthetic finish. In addition, the steel has been hardened, which effectively protects it against extreme temperatures inside the hearth during the fuel combustion process. The end of the screw equipped with an innovative claw, protected by a patent, guarantees direct introduction of fuel to the hearth and prevents it from returning back to the feeder. This effective protection prevents failures of both the feeder and the screw itself, as well as other parts of the kiln.

Important! Our auger can be used in different types of feeders. The key selection criterion is the compatibility of the dimensions, which are presented below. If your current auger is shorter than the offered one, but the other dimensions are consistent, you can use our auger after shortening it.

Technical parameters:

  • Screw axis length: 830 mm
  • Length of the "tongue": 40 mm
  • Screw coil thickness: 5 mm
  • Thickness of the worm coil in the "tongue" area: 8 mm
  • Axle diameter: 25 mm
  • Screw diameter with winding: 84 - 85 mm
  • Screw pitch: about 80 mm
  • Way of connection with the gear motor: cotter pin

Our auger is a reliable part that will ensure optimal functioning and efficiency of feeders. Thanks to its solid construction and innovative solutions, this screw is not only durable, but also guarantees safe and reliable fuel supply to the furnace.