Wood pellet ANPOL A1 6mm made of pure sawdust without wood 1050kg for boilers and pellet stoves 70x15kg

The highest quality wood pellets made of sawdust without bark. Recommended by boiler manufacturers

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Where is ANPOL pellet produced?

Pellet produced by ANPOL is a product of the highest quality.
It is produced in a modern pellet factory located in the center of Poland,
near Sieradz. Our experience in the production of solid renewable fuels
dates back to 2004. Thanks to many years of work, enriching the machine park
and above all – continuous selection of raw materials used for production –
We offer you a top-shelf product. We invite you to shop in any quantity.

Pellets produced in accordance with the EN Plus A1 standard are characterized by the best
parameters. Only sawdust can be used for their production
from furniture and carpentry plants where the material is intended
for pelleting is sucked out of the production line and has no contact with the ground.
Even seemingly small amounts of sand and dust are able to cause
to the deterioration of the ash melting point, and this parameter has
a key impact on the formation of the so-called "sinter" in pellet burners.
The use of adhesive chemicals is also unacceptable.


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