Rotary Pancerpol 25kW - burner feeder driver for eco-pea coal

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Arm length - 140 mm
Height - 40mm
Diameter - 35mm

The cross piece for the fine dust feeder by Pancerpol is an essential element enabling the rotation of the retort-furnace in the 25 kW rotary dust feeders. The cross is mounted on the end part of the worm axis, coming out of the cast-iron elbow. It is made of hardened steel for durability. Hardening of ferrous alloys is a heat treatment process involving rapid cooling of previously heated material in order to produce a martensitic or bainitic structure. The rate of cooling affects the depth of hardening, and thus the strength and hardness of the cross. Therefore, the cross for the Pancerpol dust feeder is not only durable and durable, but also precisely made.

The cross piece for the Pancerpol dust feeder is an essential element of the fuel feeding automation in the continuous combustion system. It is mounted on the end part of the screw axis, coming out of the cast-iron elbow, which allows the retort-furnace to rotate. Made of hardened steel, it provides strength and durability in harsh working conditions. It is compatible with rotary dust feeders with a power of 25 kW. The cross piece ensures even distribution of fuel in the crucible, which allows for optimal combustion and minimization of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Thanks to the use of a cross for the Pancerpol fine feeder, the fuel feeding process is efficient and trouble-free, which affects the efficiency and profitability of the combustion system.