Boiler type SLIM+ 18kW with pellet feeder - type 5th class EcoDesign

The SLIM+ 18kW pellet boiler is an effective, ecological and economical source of heat. Self-cleaning burner and automatic igniter ensure stable operation. Pellet is a renewable fuel that minimizes carbon dioxide emissions. Savings and comfort for your home.

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  • Code: SLIM-PLUS-18kW
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    Nominal boiler power [kW]: 18
    Basic fuel: Pellet
    Area of ​​the heated room [m2]: 120-220
    Water capacity: 58
    Fuel consumption - max [kg/h]: 1,17-4,05
    Chimney draft [mbar]: 0,2
    Boiler weight with burner [kg]: 250
    Thermal efficiency [%]: 90,4
    Working pressure [bar]: 2
    Water test pressure [bar]: 4
    Fuel mass in the container [kg]: 105
    Charging chamber capacity [liter]: 159
    Charging opening [mm]: 524x367
    max. operating temperature [C*]: 90
    Min. return temperature [C*]: 50
    Min. boiler water temperature [C*]: 10
    Total width [mm]: 562
    Depth [mm]: 804
    Height [mm]: 1336
    Flue outlet diameter [mm]: 155
    Connections [mm]: DN32
    Power supply [A/W]: 0,26/60
    Electric power consumption at 100% power [W/kWh]: 60
    Electric power consumption at 30% power [W/kWh]: 30
    Standby power consumption [W]: 4


    SLIM+ 18kW pellet boiler - Ecology and economy in one solution

    Pellet boilers are an increasingly popular choice among people looking for an effective, ecological and economical source of heat. One of the outstanding models is the SLIM+ 18kW pellet boiler, which combines the advantages of modern technology and a sustainable approach to heating.

    The main advantage of the SLIM+ boiler is its self-cleaning burner. Thanks to it, the boiler maintains optimal combustion conditions, which results in greater efficiency and lower emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. The burner is also equipped with a flame sensor that monitors the combustion process and adjusts it automatically, which ensures stable operation of the boiler and minimizes energy loss.

    Another element facilitating the use of the boiler is the automatic igniter that initiates the combustion process. Thanks to this, there is no need to ignite manually, which increases the convenience of use and eliminates the need to constantly monitor the boiler.

    One of the main reasons for the popularity of pellet boilers is the ecological nature of the fuel, which is pellets. Pellet is a granulated biomass fuel produced from wood and agricultural waste. It is a renewable energy source that does not contribute to the increase in carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. In addition, during the combustion of pellets, a minimum amount of ash is generated, which facilitates its disposal and makes the heating process more environmentally friendly.

    It is also worth mentioning the economic aspects of the SLIM+ type pellet boiler. Pellet is a relatively cheaper fuel compared to traditional energy carriers, such as gas or fuel oil. Thanks to the automatic dosing of fuel in pellet boilers, consumption is optimized, which translates into lower heating costs.

    The SLIM+ 18kW pellet boiler is therefore a perfect solution for people looking for an ecological, economical and comfortable way to heat their home. Thanks to the use of a self-cleaning burner, flame sensor and automatic igniter, the boiler ensures stable and effective operation. Using pellets as fuel contributes to environmental protection and at the same time brings savings in the household budget.


    The boiler has a class 5 certificate in accordance with the PN-EN 303-5: 2021 standard and meets the conditions of Ecodesign called Ecoproject

    Boiler efficiency above 90%

    Possibility of installation in a closed system

    Modern self-cleaning BIOBURN burner with igniter and flame sensor

    5mm thick sheets

    Warranty for the boiler 5 years, for the controller and the feeding system 2 years

    Possibility to connect the Internet module


    What fuel to use?

    Basic fuel







    Fotografia palnika na pellet Bioburn

    BIOBURN is a modern self-cleaning burner:

    • Efficient combustion

    Pellet burners have been designed to ensure optimal combustion and high efficiency. Thanks to this, most of the energy contained in the pellets is used, minimizing heat loss.

    • Automatic power

    Pellet burners are equipped with automatic feeding, which means that there is no need to manually dose the fuel. It is enough to load the pellet tank, and the burner independently regulates its supply for combustion.

    • Easy-to-use

    Pellet burners are easy to use. They require minimal user involvement as most functions, such as combustion regulation and power adjustment, can be controlled via the control panel.

    • Clean combustion

    Pellets are a material of high quality and low moisture, which makes combustion cleaner and more effective. Pellet burners generate a minimum amount of ash and pollutants, which translates into less air pollution.

    • Renewable energy source

    Pellets are produced from wood and agricultural waste, which means that they are a renewable source of energy. The use of pellets helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and supports the sustainable management of natural resources.

    • Constant power

    Pellet burners provide stable heating power, regardless of the quality of the fuel or weather conditions. Thanks to this, you can maintain a constant temperature in the rooms and enjoy comfort without sudden drops in power.

    • Low operating costs

    Pellets are usually cheaper than traditional energy carriers, such as gas or fuel oil. The use of pellet burners therefore allows you to reduce heating costs and save on energy bills.

    • Automatic cleaning

    Some pellet burners are equipped with automatic cleaning systems that remove ash and impurities accumulated during combustion. This makes burner maintenance and cleaning easier and less time consuming.

    • Precise power regulation

    Pellet burners offer precise regulation of heating power. You can adjust the power of the burner to individual needs, which allows you to achieve optimal thermal conditions in the rooms and ensures comfort of use.



      Boiler regulator - controller

    IRYD 620 regulator - Advanced pellet boiler controller

    The IRYD 620 regulator is a modern device designed to control the operation of central heating boilers with a pellet burner. This advanced controller provides precise control of an extensive heating installation, offering many functions and configuration possibilities.

    One of the main features of the IRYD 620 controller is the use of a special PID fuzzy logic algorithm. Thanks to it, the controller smoothly selects the appropriate fuel doses depending on the system load and the type of pellet. Thanks to this, efficient combustion can be achieved, which leads to a significant reduction in fuel consumption and has a positive impact on the environment.

    The IRYD 620 regulator supports both pellet burners with one fuel feeder and with two feeders (including an auxiliary feeder). Regardless of the type of burner, the controller ensures precise control of the blower operation, adjusting the amount of fuel to the appropriate blower speed. In addition, the regulator supports both self-cleaning burners with a moving grate and simple burners without optics and automatic cleaning.

    An additional advantage of the IRYD 620 controller is its versatility and expandability. Thanks to RS485 communication, up to five control modules can be connected to the controller, including the mixing valve control module, internet module and room panels. This allows for a significant extension of the heating system and ensures comfort of use.

    The IRYD 620 regulator is equipped with various types of sensors, such as a flame sensor and a flue gas temperature sensor. Thanks to them, the controller can work with virtually any pellet burner, adapting to the combustion conditions. In addition, the regulator supports the boiler shutdown function when the given heating circuits are heated up, which saves energy.

    A clear color display and proven electronic solutions make the use of the IRYD 620 regulator easy and pleasant for many years. In addition, the controller offers many additional functions, such as control of circulation pumps, operation of room panels, operating modes related to different seasons and the ability to save settings on a USB drive.

    To sum up, the IRYD 620 regulator is an advanced device that enables effective control of the operation of central heating boilers. with a pellet burner. Thanks to precise control, automatic firing up and shutdown of the boiler, and the possibility of expanding the heating system, this regulator provides economical and ecological heating, contributing to savings and environmental protection.




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