Boiler type KP SLIM 25kW with pellet feeder - type 5th class EcoDesign

KP SLIM boilers burn wood pellets. We have equipped it with a self-cleaning pellet burner with an igniter and a flame sensor.

  • Energy efficiency class: A+
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    Nominal boiler power [kW]: 25
    Basic fuel: Pellet
    Area of ​​the heated room [m2]: 200-250
    Water capacity: 173
    Fuel consumption - max [kg/h]: 5,3
    Chimney draft [mbar]: 0,2
    Boiler weight with burner [kg]: 390
    Thermal efficiency [%]: 94,6
    Working pressure [bar]: 1,2 *
    Water test pressure [bar]: 4
    Fuel mass in the container [kg]: 160
    Charging chamber capacity [liter]: 128
    Charging opening [mm]: 755x434
    max. operating temperature [C*]: 90
    Min. return temperature [C*]: 50
    Min. boiler water temperature [C*]: 10
    Total width [mm]: 822
    Depth [mm]: 1440
    Height [mm]: 1682
    Flue outlet diameter [mm]: 175
    Connections [mm]: DN 25
    Power supply [A/W]: 0,26/60
    Electric power consumption at 100% power [W/kWh]: 60
    Electric power consumption at 30% power [W/kWh]: 30
    Standby power consumption [W]: 4



    KP SLIM+ is a modern compact boiler that will ideally find its place in tight boiler rooms. It meets the requirements of class 5 and ecodesign. The flame tube exchanger makes this device characterized by high efficiency and high heat absorption from exhaust gases. Equipped with a modern drop-in burner with an igniter, an optical sensor and an internal feeder. The innovative design of the burner enables clean and economical combustion.


    The power of 25kW meets the requirements of a higher standard and you can apply for a high subsidy.


    The boiler has a class 5 certificate in accordance with the PN-EN 303-5: 2012 standard and meets the conditions of Ecodesign called Ecoproject

    Boiler efficiency above 90%

    Possibility of installation in a closed system after the heat dissipation system

    Heiztechnik burner

    6mm thick sheets

    Warranty for the boiler 5 years, for the controller and the feeding system 2 years

    Possibility to connect the Internet module


    What fuel to use?

    Basic fuel 







    Pellet burner with automatic slag scraper, automation and feeder

    ●A modern drop-in burner with an igniter, an optical sensor and an internal feeder.

    ● The burner meets the requirements of class 5 in accordance with the PN-EN 15270:2008 standard.

    The innovative design of the burner enables the emission of boiler flue gases in the 5th class according to the 303-5:2012 standard.

    ● Extensive distribution of primary and secondary air ensures the highest combustion quality. The air curtain at the end of the burner tube ensures optimal afterburning of the exhaust gases

    ● A regular octagonal combustion chamber with a V-shaped floor ensures high combustion efficiency when operating with reduced load - below 25% of nominal power

    ● The burner is equipped with a slag scraper, which is activated periodically by the boiler automatics to prevent the accumulation of slag on the furnace

    ● The ergonomic design of the burner reduces the time of service - cleaning, replacement of the igniter, replacement of sensors. The slanted location of the igniter prevents it from getting dirty and prematurely worn out.

    ● The Brager Expert algorithm is individually programmed for each boiler, which automatically selects operating parameters and modulates the burner power depending on the boiler temperature, which reduces the amount of fuel consumed


      Boiler regulator - controller



    The regulation of the boiler's thermal power is carried out by precise dosing of air and fuel supplied to the combustion process. In order to reduce temperature fluctuations and increase the stability of the combustion process, a modified proportional algorithm was used in the device
    In order to obtain the required thermal comfort in heated rooms, the controller constantly controls all parameters of the boiler and heating installation, presenting them on a legible TFT display. It also offers the function of preparing hot utility water (HUW) in the SUMMER, WINTER mode, the ability to connect a room thermostat and an additional room desktop. The regulator supports the operation of one mixing valve system as standard, but this value can be increased to five mixing valve modules by connecting dedicated expansion modules . The implemented functions allow you to control the operation of three-way and four-way valves in the floor or radiator mode, with or without weather control. In addition, the controller offers control of the operation of the valve pump. An additional advantage is the ability to connect the controller to the Internet or GSM using the Media Bord 200 and Media Bord 100 modules. The device has a modern algorithm for automatic regulation of the BRAGER EXPERT combustion process. It allows for continuous operation of the boiler, reducing pollutant emissions and extending its service life.