Pellet boiler type PellPal 12 kW 5th class ecodesign

The PellPal boiler is an ecological device adapted to burn wood pellets with a granulation of 6 mm. It is perfect for heating single-family buildings, offices and factories. A pellet stove is a device that gives a sense of convenience and comfort. Boiler maintenance has been kept to a minimum.

  • Energy efficiency class: A+
    • 12,700.00 zł 11,000.00 zł
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    Basic fuel: Pellet
    Area of ​​the heated room [m2]: 150
    Water capacity: 50
    Fuel consumption - max [kg/h]: 2,7
    Chimney draft [mbar]: 0,2
    Boiler weight with burner [kg]: 210
    Thermal efficiency [%]: 90,3
    Working pressure [bar]: 2
    Water test pressure [bar]: 4
    Fuel mass in the container [kg]: 45
    max. operating temperature [C*]: 85
    Min. return temperature [C*]: 55
    Min. boiler water temperature [C*]: 10
    Total width [mm]: 1060
    Depth [mm]: 1000
    Height [mm]: 1150
    Flue outlet diameter [mm]: 130
    Connections [mm]: DN25
    Power supply [A/W]: 1,9/350
    Electric power consumption at 100% power [W/kWh]: 350
    Electric power consumption at 30% power [W/kWh]: 15
    Standby power consumption [W]: 3


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    Why pellet fueled boilers?

    Pellet is an ecological fuel because it is made of waste from wood production. Most often, sawdust from coniferous trees or a mixture with deciduous trees is used. Fine granulation allows you to properly dose a portion of fuel to the burner, where with proper blowing it burns giving us heat at home.


    What makes our boiler different from the competition?

    PellPal furnace boilers have been designed to create a device at a competitive price with a minimum of necessary components. The PellPal stove has a pellet igniter and a blower fan. A single pellet feeder from the basket and a controller that regulates the entire combustion process. We deprived it of unnecessary components that would increase the price of the boiler.

    As a result, we managed to create a very efficient and reliable device.


    The boiler has a class 5 certificate in accordance with the PN-EN 303-5: 2012 standard and meets the conditions of Ecodesign called Ecodesign

    Boiler efficiency above 90%

    Possibility of installation in a closed system after installing the cooling coil

    Warranty for the boiler 5 years, for the controller and the feeding system 2 years

    Possibility to connect the Internet module


    What fuel to use?

    Basic fuel

    Pellet paliwo biomasa




      Boiler regulator - controller


    Sterownik PlelPal PID


    Kocioł piec PellPal na poellet drzewny

      Technical data


    Pellet stove - what is it?

    Pellet stove - what is it?

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    Pellet stove - which one to choose and which one is be the best?

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    Is it worth buying a pellet stove?

    Is it worth buying a pellet stove?

              Environmental: Pellets are considered greener than fossil fuels because they are made from wood waste. Compared to heating oil or coal, burning pellets produces significantly less harmful emissions. Initial and running costs: Pellet boilers typically have higher initial costs compared to traditional gas or oil boilers. However, running costs may be lower, especially...
    Why is it worth choosing a pellet boiler?

    Why is it worth choosing a pellet boiler?

    Choosing a pellet boiler can be an advantageous solution for many reasons. Here are some of the main advantages that make this type of heating device worth considering:   Ecology: The pellet boiler is environmentally friendly because pellet is a renewable fuel and is made from natural wood waste. Pellet combustion generates much lower amounts of carbon dioxide and other substances harmful...
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    Is it worth heating a house with a pellet stove?

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    Safe IT internet module for PellPal controller - information   The SAFE IT internet module is a hardware and IT solution for remote monitoring of central heating boilers. using any electronic device (laptop, computer, tablet) connected to the Internet. The SAFE IT module also allows you to set the configuration parameters of the connected controller.It is possible to add a carbon monoxide...


      Room panel for the PellPal controller - information The Termomiz thermostatic panel, i.e. the room remote control, is a standard room thermostat which, when connected to the PELLPAL PID PELLET regulator, additionally informs about the current temperature in the boiler and the boiler (DHW). An additional advantage is the ability to edit these temperatures without going to the boiler room.