Pellet boiler type KLASTER 5P 20kW 5th class Ecodesign

Pellet boiler type KLASTER 5P 20kW meeting the requirements of the 5th class and ecodesign, the so-called ecodesign. The furnace is equipped with a self-cleaning BioBurn burner by Konstal Pleszew

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  • Manufacturer: KONSTAL PLESZEW
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    Nominal boiler power [kW]: 20
    Basic fuel: Pellet
    Area of ​​the heated room [m2]: 60-220
    Water capacity: 90
    Fuel consumption - max [kg/h]: 4,54
    Chimney draft [mbar]: 2
    Boiler weight with burner [kg]: 310
    Thermal efficiency [%]: 93,4
    Working pressure [bar]: 1,2 *
    Water test pressure [bar]: 2,5
    Fuel mass in the container [kg]: 122
    Charging chamber capacity [liter]: 185
    Charging opening [mm]: 435x470
    max. operating temperature [C*]: 90
    Min. return temperature [C*]: 55
    Min. boiler water temperature [C*]: 10
    Total width [mm]: 1080
    Depth [mm]: 650
    Height [mm]: 1240
    Flue outlet diameter [mm]: 155
    Connections [mm]: DN 50 (lub na zamówienie)
    Power supply [A/W]: 0,22/50
    Electric power consumption at 100% power [W/kWh]: 50/1,2
    Electric power consumption at 30% power [W/kWh]: 20/0,48
    Standby power consumption [W]: 5




    The boiler has a class 5 certificate in accordance with the PN-EN 303-5: 2012 standard and meets the conditions of Ecodesign called Ecodesign

    Boiler efficiency above 90%

    Possibility of installation in a closed system after installing the cooling coil

    Modern pellet feeder with automatic cleaning

    6mm thick sheets

    Warranty for the boiler 5 years, for the controller and the feeding system 2 years

    Possibility to connect the Internet module


    What fuel to use?

    Basic fuel

    Paliwo do kotła Klaster 5P






    The KLASTER 5P boiler is equipped with a Konstal BioBurn burner. It is a proprietary solution of the pellet burner supported by many years of experience in the construction of heating devices. It combines solutions that are both simple in construction and very effective at the same time. We equipped it with a blower fan, a ceramic igniter, a photo-optical sensor and an ash removal system with an actuator.

    The palli is made of stainless steel. Thanks to this, with the right fuel, it will serve you for years.


    Burner operation begins with cleaning the furnace before firing up. Upon completion, the initial dose of pellets is delivered. Then the ceramic igniter is started. By the flow of hot air supplied to the pellets in the furnace, it is ignited. The controller - boiler regulator supervises the combustion process. After the cycle is completed, it cleans itself and waits for the next firing cycle.

    Palnik pellet KONSTAL BioBurn


      Boiler regulator - controller


    IRYD 620 Regulator - Advanced Solution for Optimal Heating Control

    The IRYD 620 Regulator is an innovative solution designed specifically to provide optimal control of central heating boilers with pellet burners. This advanced regulator is more than just a device; it's the key to efficient, eco-friendly, and comfortable heating. Let us introduce you to the extraordinary capabilities that the IRYD 620 has to offer.

    Advanced Control: The IRYD 620 stands out with its extensive menu, allowing for the gradual activation of various features and options, giving you complete control over your central heating boiler's operation. Thanks to the unique PID Fuzzy Logic algorithm, the amount of fuel is smoothly adjusted to the system load and the type of fuel used. Continuous control of the blower's operation enables precise adaptation of the fuel quantity to current needs.

    Fuel Efficiency: Through intelligent fuel quantity management, the IRYD 620 allows for substantial fuel savings. Automatic ignition and shutdown of the boiler eliminate energy losses, which has a positive impact on both your wallet and the environment.

    Expandability: The IRYD 620 is expansion-friendly for your heating system. With the RS 485 standard, you can connect various expansion modules, significantly enhancing user convenience. Add room panels, an internet module, and a mixing valve module (up to 6 mixers simultaneously), giving you complete control over every aspect of your heating system.

    Versatility: The IRYD 620 is versatile and compatible with various types of pellet burners. It supports burners with 1 or 2 fuel feeders, including those with self-cleaning and movable grates, as well as more basic ones. Furthermore, it can work with an optical flame sensor and a flue gas temperature sensor, making it exceptionally adaptable to various conditions.

    Intelligent Heat Management: The IRYD 620 is also capable of cooperating with a heat buffer, which is increasingly common in modern central heating installations. This allows you to further optimize energy utilization and enjoy even greater heating system efficiency.

    User-Friendly Operation: A colorful, legible display and proven electronic solutions ensure comfortable and intuitive use of the regulator for many years. With the IRYD 620, you have full control over your heating system, enabling energy savings and environmental care.

    The IRYD 620 is a regulator that combines advanced technology, performance, and environmental responsibility, ensuring that your central heating boiler operates optimally with minimal impact on the planet. Choose the IRYD 620 and make your heating more efficient and eco-friendly today. Give yourself the chance for the comfort and savings that this innovative regulator can provide.


      Cross-section of the KLASTRER 5P 20kW furnace

    Advantages of using the KLASTER 5P-20 20kW boiler

    The use of central heating boilers brings many advantages. One of the biggest is the use of fuel in the form of pellets, which is economical and environmentally friendly. In addition, using boilers, we have the ability to control the combustion process, which allows for optimal temperature and savings in terms of fuel consumption. Central heating boilers are also safe to use, thanks to the use of modern technologies in the combustion process, which minimize the risk of exhaust gas poisoning. Owners of houses or flats can also benefit from co-financing programs for investments in ecological and energy-saving heating sources, which additionally makes the use of central heating boilers profitable for their budget. All these factors make the use of central heating boilers a choice that brings many benefits both for our pocket and for the environment around us.

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