Pellet boiler type KLASTER 5P 11kW 5th class Ecodesign

A boiler with a wood pellet feeder is an economical and ecological solution. We equipped our boiler with an automatic self-cleaning BioBurn burner.

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    Nominal boiler power [kW]: 20
    Basic fuel: Pellet
    Area of ​​the heated room [m2]: 60-220
    Water capacity: 90
    Fuel consumption - max [kg/h]: 4,54
    Chimney draft [mbar]: 2
    Boiler weight with burner [kg]: 310
    Thermal efficiency [%]: 93,4
    Working pressure [bar]: 1,2 *
    Water test pressure [bar]: 2,5
    Fuel mass in the container [kg]: 122
    Charging chamber capacity [liter]: 185
    Charging opening [mm]: 435x470
    max. operating temperature [C*]: 90
    Min. return temperature [C*]: 55
    Min. boiler water temperature [C*]: 10
    Total width [mm]: 1080
    Depth [mm]: 650
    Height [mm]: 1240
    Flue outlet diameter [mm]: 155
    Connections [mm]: DN 50 (lub na zamówienie)
    Power supply [A/W]: 0,22/50
    Electric power consumption at 100% power [W/kWh]: 50/1,2
    Electric power consumption at 30% power [W/kWh]: 20/0,48
    Standby power consumption [W]: 5




    The boiler has a class 5 certificate in accordance with the PN-EN 303-5: 2012 standard and meets the conditions of Ecodesign called Ecodesign

    Boiler efficiency above 90%

    Possibility of installation in a closed system after installing the cooling coil

    Modern pellet feeder with automatic cleaning

    6mm thick sheets

    Warranty for the boiler 5 years, for the controller and the feeding system 2 years

    Possibility to connect the Internet module


    What fuel to use?

    Basic fuel

    Paliwo do kotła Klaster 5P






    The KLASTER 5P boiler is equipped with a Konstal BioBurn burner. It is a proprietary solution of the pellet burner supported by many years of experience in the construction of heating devices. It combines solutions that are both simple in construction and very effective at the same time. We equipped it with a blower fan, a ceramic igniter, a photo-optical sensor and an ash removal system with an actuator.

    The palli is made of stainless steel. Thanks to this, with the right fuel, it will serve you for years.

    Palnik pellet KONSTAL BioBurn


      Boiler regulator - controller






      Technical data


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