Exhaust fan with mounting plate for KDS+

Wentylator wyciągowy spalin dla kotłów typ KDS+

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Rated Voltage:: 230V ~ 50Hz
Collection power:: 30W, 35W, 48W, 60W - 75W

Flue gas exhaust fan.

Fan with mounting plate for KDS+ boilers


If you have a problem with the chimney draft, you have noticed smoke coming out of the inspection openings. The cause may be insufficient chimney draft. In these cases, our exhaust fan can help. The principle of operation of the fan is very simple. Mechanically, through the impeller, it drives the flue gases, pushing them straight into the chimney.

The mounting plate is adjusted so that it fits in place of the plug of the inspection hole of the flue. Just unscrew the cover at the back of the boiler and screw the fan in place of the plug.


ATTENTION ! The picture is illustrative, the goods sent may differ in the type of motor or shape of the impeller. This does not affect the usability of the fan.

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