Burner nozzle cast iron hearth Ekoenergy cast iron 25 kW EPW2N

The cast iron nozzle for the Ekoenergia 5 class feeder is made of fire-resistant cast iron, thanks to which it is resistant to deformation and thermal shocks caused by burning in the boiler. It is used in fine coal feeders for 15 - 25 kW 5th class furnaces.

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  • Code: DYSZA-EPW2N
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Cast iron - a casting alloy of iron with carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and other components, containing from 2.11 to 4.3% of carbon in the form of cementite or graphite. The presence of a specific carbon phase depends on the cooling rate and the chemical composition of the alloy. Slow cooling favors the separation of graphite. Also alloy additions play a role here. According to the applicable standard, cast iron is defined as a material whose main component is iron and in which the carbon content exceeds 2% (the presence of large amounts of carbide-forming components may change the given carbon content)
Cast iron is characterized by low casting shrinkage, ease of filling molds, low melting point and low production cost, and after solidification they are characterized by high machinability, which makes cast iron one of the most commonly used casting materials in machine construction.



The Automatic Fuel Feeding Unit, which includes a fuel tank, a fan and a microprocessor controller, creates a storage system, automatic fuel supply to the burner and leads to the most economical combustion process in a continuous system. Fuel is transported from the tank to the retort burner by means of a screw conveyor. The fuel is pushed onto the grate through the crucible placed in the middle of the grate. The fuel moved by the screw placed in the feeder pipe spreads evenly in the crucible, then on the grate, creating a pile of fuel divided into combustion zones. The air needed for the combustion process is supplied by a blow fan. The number of screw revolutions can be changed by the microprocessor controller depending on changes in the boiler's thermal efficiency. The right amount of air is needed for the number of revolutions of the screw. The fuel that slowly comes out of the crucible goes through all combustion phases, i.e. drying and heating of the fuel, release of volatiles, combustion of coke, reduction of oxygen, burning of coal from the slag.


Length - 261mm
Width - 225 mm
Height - 130mm

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