DOMER WC 149.2 1.5uF Exhaust fan - chimney

The exhaust fan can be used in solid fuel boilers. In the case of insufficient chimney draft, it can support natural draft. It forces flue gas circulation in the chimney duct.

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  • Code: DOMER WC 149.2 1,5uF
  • Manufacturer: DOMER SIERECKI
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Type: WC 149.2 M
Rated Voltage:: 230V ~ 50Hz
Collection power:: 48W

Exhaust fan designed to extract flue gases from the boiler or other devices
Model WC 149.2M


Special features:

Polish product
excellent quality
directly from the manufacturer
high performance


Maximum capacity: 310 m3/h
Flue gas temperature: up to 350 degrees C
Capacitor: 1.5uF / 450V
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
Input power: 48W
Number of speeds: 1
Type of work: continuous
Rotor diameter: 149 mm
Ambient temperature: 0 to 45 degrees C
Rotation speed: 2730 rpm
Dimensions: 181 x 149 x 149 mm
Power connection: box with a 0.7 m power cord with a computer socket


The flue gas exhaust fan is used in solid fuel boilers to improve chimney draught. This is especially useful when firing up the boiler or adding fuel because it prevents smoke from escaping into the boiler room. The exhaust fan mounted on the boiler flue does not limit the natural flue gas draft and only supports it when the fan is started. It can be used as a room exhaust fan.


The exhaust fan consists of a motor connected to a metal body and a rotor made of sheet metal. The fan's motor is designed for smooth regulation of the rotational speed set by the parameters of the controller or the use of a potentiometer. The exhaust fan is equipped with a motor that is characterized by high quality and durability of mechanical and electrical elements. The engine is not a cheap Chinese replacement. The fan has a CE declaration of conformity - year of application 2014. We declare that each exhaust fan has a Declaration of Conformity specifying compliance with the following directives: low voltage, electromagnetic compatibility and Polish standards.

High quality workmanship and the highest quality components guarantee long-term and trouble-free operation. Our products are covered by a 24-month warranty period. However, the warranty period cannot exceed 30 months from the date of manufacture. Each blower comes with an instruction manual and a warranty card. The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical, design and documentation changes to the blower related to the improvement of the product and related modernizations.