Buffer V 700 (672 liters), accumulation tank made of steel, insulated, not enamelled

The buffer, i.e. the warehouse, is a warm welded, non-enamelled steel tank. There is thermal insulation inside our tank. This is extremely important with constantly rising energy costs. The buffers listed by Konstal have been tested by the Office of Technical Inspection Laboratory in Poznań.

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Parametry techniczne bufora

Type: Konstal V 700
Capacity: 672
Mass [kg]: 162
Supply connection diameter [inch]: 3 x 1 1/2
Return port diameter [inch]: 3 x 1 1/2
Drain port diameter [inch]: 1 x 3/4
Vent diameter [inch]: 1 x 3/4
Heater connector diameter [inch]: 2 x 1 1/2
Connection diameter of analog thermometers [inch]: 2 x 1/2
Working pressure [bar]: 3
Total width [mm]: 940
Depth [mm]: 955
Height [mm]: 1875
Type of insulation: styropian \ owata \ skay
Possibility of removing the insulation: Tak - suwak
Width after removing the insulation [mm]: 740

heat buffer - energy storage

The buffer tank is connected to the installation, which is designed to collect energy turned off by the heat source. This energy can be stored for use.

In a server with installations without buffers, such a system is more efficient and efficient. Energy is not wasted and used in a moment.


Zbiornik bufor, ciepła


   V-60 to V-140 tanks


1. tank jacket,
2. bottom,
3. Mounting elements (slings),
4. Thermal isolation,
5. Power connector (1 pc.),
6. Return connector (1 pc.),
7. Drain port (1 pc.),
8. Bleed nipple (1 pc.),K
9. Measuring connector for the controller (1 pc.)

Schemat podłączeń bufora


  V-200 to V-800 tanks


1. tank jacket,
2. Bottom, 3 - leg,
3. Thermal isolation,
4. Power connectors (3 pcs.),
5. Return connectors (3 pcs.),
6. Drain port (1 pc.),
7. Measuring connectors for the controller (2 pcs.),
8. Vent connector (1 pc.),
9. Heater connectors (2 pcs.),
10.Measuring ports for analog thermometers (2 pcs.)

Bufory - schemat podłączeń, opis króćcy

construction of a buffer tank

The accumulation tank is a device made of sheet metal in a welded version. The construction of the tank has a cylindrical shape in a vertical position set on supports (legs) with adjustment screws for PELLPAL V 200-800 tanks, which enable leveling and vertical setting. PELLPAL V 60-140 tanks are designed for vertical hanging installation and have prepared assembly and construction elements. The cylindrical part (jacket) is closed on both sides with flat bottoms stiffened with bends and reinforcing ribs.
The tank has a set of connection stubs: supply and return spigots on the side of the boiler and the heating system, as well as drain, measuring and additional - universal (as an option). The diagram of the construction of the tank is shown above.


insulation of the PELLPAL V accumulation tank

The tanks are thermally insulated over the entire surface. The insulation material has become so good that the heat loss is preliminary (source surface insulation temperature approx. 30 °C) when processing the thickness of the insulation layer. Insulating mats can be enclosed with sheet metal or provide a cover made of a plastic bag. For the time of transport to the place of installation (boiler room, basement), the insulation and insulation cover can be dismantled and used after the assembly of the tank. It should be noted that during the assembly and installation of the insulation and the cover are not in the vicinity.