ART ZW controller mixing valve regulator 200.03 ProND

The ART ZW microprocessor controller is an ideal tool for controlling the actuator together with the pump of the mixing valve in central heating systems. In addition, the possibility of connecting a room thermostat or REMOTE CONTROLLER allows you to further expand the range of its functions. The ART ZW regulator allows you to extend the possibilities of the existing heating system without the need to replace the boiler controller, at a low cost.

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The ART ZW microprocessor controller has been specially designed for precise control of the actuator together with the mixing valve pump, which play a key role in central heating systems.

Thanks to the advanced microprocessor technology, this regulator offers advanced adjustment possibilities that translate into efficiency and comfort of use.

It not only allows you to control the operation of the mixing valve actuator and pump, but also provides the option of integration with a room thermostat or a dedicated control panel called PILOT. This, in turn, opens the door to an even wider range of functions, allowing you to adjust the settings of the heating system to individual preferences and environmental conditions.

Importantly, the ART ZW regulator has been designed in such a way as to enable the expansion of the existing heating installation in an economical way and without the need to replace the boiler controller. As a result, users can enjoy modern functionalities and the benefits of precise control without the need for significant investment or disruption to the existing system.

The ART ZW microprocessor controller is a perfect tool for optimizing the operation of the actuator and mixing valve pump in central heating systems. Its ability to integrate with room thermostats and the PILOT panel further enhances the level of convenience and control, and the ability to expand an existing heating installation makes it a practical solution for those who seek to upgrade their system without the need for comprehensive changes.


Contents of the box: regulator, screws, warranty card.