Is every permanent boiler the same? - Myth or truth

Heating your home is an essential part of our daily lives, especially in colder parts of the world. While a solid fuel boiler is a popular choice in many households, many people mistakenly assume that all solid fuel boilers work the same. In this article, we will take a closer look at this belief to find out whether all solid fuel boilers are actually the same, or is it just another myth.

A solid fuel boiler has been one of the most effective solutions for heating homes for years. However, does each such boiler work the same? Here are some aspects to consider:


Material of workmanship

Different boilers can be made of different materials that affect durability, efficiency and running costs. Steel boilers are more popular, but cast iron boilers offer better durability and the ability to keep heat for longer.


Combustion technology

Not all solid fuel boilers use the same combustion technologies. Some of them are more advanced, ensuring higher combustion efficiency and lower emission of harmful substances.


Size and capacity

Depending on the needs of the house, you can choose boilers of various sizes and capacities. Choosing the right boiler affects its efficiency and operating costs.


Fuel Type

Although the name suggests that a solid fuel boiler is adapted to all types of solid fuels, in fact, various models are optimized to burn specific materials, such as coal, wood or briquettes.


Additional functions

Some modern boilers offer additional features, such as automatic fuel feeding, advanced temperature control systems or the ability to connect to solar systems.


In conclusion, the claim that every solid fuel boiler is the same is a myth. The market offers many models that differ in terms of technology, materials, additional functions and many other aspects. Therefore, it is important to read the offer carefully before making a final decision. When choosing a boiler, it is worth considering not only the price, but above all the needs of our home, the quality of the device and the long-term costs associated with its operation. A technical advisor or specialist in the field of heating will help in the right selection.