How to prepare for the heating season?

The upcoming heating season brings not only cozy evenings by the fireplace, but also the need to take care of safety and our rooms. Taking care of the heating system and using preparation can have many effects, as well as take into account thermal comfort on winter days. Here are some steps worth sharing through your solution for the coming cold weather.

Overview of the boiler and heating system

Regardless of whether you use a gas, oil or solid fuel boiler, it is worth carrying out an inspection of the device before the season starts. A professional service will identify possible faults and clean the system, thanks to which it will work more efficiently and safely.


Chimney cleaning

Regular cleaning of the chimney is the key to safe use of the stove or fireplace. Too much soot can lead to a chimney fire. Have this service done by a specialist once a year.


Thermal isolation

Before the heating season, it is worth checking the insulation at home. Potential leaks in windows or doors can lead to heat loss, which increases heating costs. You can do it yourself or use the services of a specialist.


Control of radiators

Bleeding radiators is the process of removing air from the inside of the device, which increases their efficiency. If you notice that the top of your radiator is cooler than the bottom, it probably needs venting.


Fuel supplies

If you use a solid fuel boiler or stove, make sure you have enough fuel for the season. It's better to stock up early than to search at the last minute.


Thermostat adjustment

Optimal setting of the thermostat will not only ensure comfort, but also help save on bills. Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature based on the time of day.


Control of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Safety should be a priority. Make sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly and have fresh batteries.


Prepare an emergency kit

Despite all the preparations, a failure of the heating system can always occur. It is worth taking care of the building

was equipped with a second heat source.



Proper preparation for the heating season will not only provide us with warmth and comfort on winter days, but will also allow us to avoid unforeseen expenses related to breakdowns and increase safety. Remember that prevention is the key to a calm and warm winter months.