Eco pea - what types are available and what to pay attention to?

Nowadays, care for the natural environment and energy efficiency are becoming more and more important. In the context of heating houses, the choice of the right fuel has a significant impact not only on our comfort, but also on ecology. One of the more and more popular choices is eco-pea coal - a fuel that combines economic and ecological benefits. In this article, we will look at the different types of eco-pea coal and what it is worth paying attention to when choosing it.

Eco-pea coal - an innovative approach to heating

Eco-pea coal is a solid fuel that is produced as a result of the processing of hard coal. What distinguishes it from traditional solid fuels is the low content of moisture and sulfur. Thanks to this, its combustion is effective and environmentally friendly. There are many types of eco-pea coal available, and the choice depends on individual needs and preferences.


Types of eco-pea coal:

Peanut eco-pea: This is one of the most popular varieties. It has a uniform size, which promotes even combustion. It is ideal for modern boilers, ensuring effective operation and efficiency.
Eco-pea pea: It is characterized by smaller sizes than eco-pea pea. It is perfect for small boilers and automatic fuel feeding systems. Its small dimensions facilitate storage.
Eco fine coal: It has the form of ground fuel, which translates into increased combustion efficiency. Thanks to its structure, it is particularly effective in retort boilers.
What to consider when choosing eco-peas?


Quality parameters

Pay attention to parameters such as calorific value, ash content, humidity and sulfur. Higher calorific value means higher efficiency, and low ash and moisture content affect combustion efficiency.



Choose eco-pea coal from trusted suppliers. Check the opinions of other customers and the origin of the fuel. Suppliers offering certified eco-pea coal guarantee its high quality.


Adaptation to the boiler

Make sure that the selected type of eco-pea coal is compatible with your boiler. Some boilers are better suited to specific types of eco-pea coal, so it's worth checking before buying.



Eco-pea coal may have a slightly higher price than traditional coal, but it usually brings savings in the long run due to its efficiency and lower amount of harmful substances.


Eco-pea coal is an innovative solution in the field of heating, combining ecological and economic benefits. The available types of eco-pea coal allow you to adjust the choice to individual needs. When choosing, it is worth paying attention to the quality parameters, the supplier's reputation and compatibility with the boiler. Thanks to this, we can enjoy not only the comfort of warmth, but also care for the natural environment.