Is it possible to modernize an old central heating installation for a modern boiler?

Do you dream of modernizing your heating system by replacing the old, inefficient boiler with a new one, without having to replace the entire central heating system in an expensive manner? It's doable, but it requires some carefully considered steps. Below, we'll tell you the key factors you should consider to achieve success in this endeavor. 

Do you want to replace your old, inefficient boiler with a new one without having to replace the entire heating system? This is possible, but under certain conditions. Read how to do it.

Check whether the new boiler is compatible with the existing installation.

The first step will be to make sure your new boiler is compatible with your existing installation. Most older central heating systems use an open gravity system with an open collection vessel. Therefore, the new boiler must operate within the same parameters as the old system. Also remember that old installations have a larger capacity. Before installing the boiler, rinse the old installation by filling it with water and emptying it.

Consider filters and circulation

The next step when connecting a new heating boiler to the old installation is to select appropriate filters and install a mesh filter at the outlet of the installation. Replace the pump with an energy-saving one and create two independent circuits. In older installations, the radiator system and domestic hot water supply are usually combined in one circuit. The first circuit will be used for heating, and the second will provide hot water, especially outside the heating season.

Select the boiler power carefully

When installing a new boiler in an old installation, it is also crucial to select the appropriate boiler power, taking into account the tightness of the windows and the degree of building insulation. Avoid choosing a boiler with too much power, which may lead to inefficient operation and a shortened lifespan. Too high boiler power, inappropriately matched to the installation capabilities, will not result in effective and economical heating.

We offer modern biomass central heating boilers, eco-pea coal boilers and solid fuel boilers. Our heating furnaces can be connected both to open installations with appropriate expansion devices and to closed installations. In the case of the latter, an appropriately capacious expansion vessel should be used to compensate for excess water, and remember to install safety valves.